Unlock your Child’s POTENTIALS in School & Life MASTERY

Unlock your child’s greatest potential and give them the focus, confidence and motivation. to become global leaders of the future.

580.000+ Youth

It takes more than a dream to reach a lifetime of success


The I Am Gifted!™ programme focuses on mastering skill sets:

  1. Achieve A’s with Easier, Faster Learning: Techniques for visual memory retention, focused study habits, condensing chapters into a single A4 sheet, reading faster with high comprehension, and a 10-step success formula for exams are taught.
  2. Dream Big and Stop at Nothing to Achieve It: The program instills a winner’s mindset in the children, motivates them towards success, and helps them plan their future clearly.
  3. Relationship & Communication Mastery: Develops stronger relationships, appreciation towards parents, empathy and compassion, strong friendships, and a sense of belonging in the I Am Gifted! family.

We will share our secret recipe for public speaking, including mastering the art of captivating your audience, unleashing your innate speaking abilities with Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and navigating the evolving landscape of public speaking. 

The modules cover a range of topics such as the mindset of dynamic presenters, techniques to grab the audience’s attention, the psychological effects of gestures and movement, vocal variation and pausing, preparing powerful and effective presentations, and handling tough audiences and questions

Empower teenagers with practical knowledge and strategies to achieve financial freedom. 

The workshop offers secrets to successful money management, such as understanding the value of money, wise investing, and the importance of starting to save early. We also teach  adopting a growth mindset towards financial capabilities, setting spending priorities, and developing effective saving techniques.

Additionally, participants will learn about secure savings, the power of atomic habits in financial stability, and the importance of perseverance

Learning how you learn the best will make your study time more effective and productive.

  1. Unlock Your Unique Learning Method: Understand your distinctive learning method for academic success. Optimize your study sessions.
  2. Identify Your Learning Style: Discover your individual style: Visual, Auditory, Read/Write, or Kinesthetic. Understand the significance of your personal learning approach.
  3. Personalized Study Strategies: Identify your optimal learning method and tailor-made strategies designed specifically for your unique learning style.
  4. Efficient Revision Methods: Techniques suited to your study regimen that accommodate your schedule.
  5. Master Active Listening: Glean crucial information and focus on main points with active listening.
  6. Boost Your Grades: Learning strategies for boosting grades; Writing Notes, Reading and Memory.