How has JMAkademi Transformed Your Life ?

“Javeed was excellent academically and extrovert, so there was no issue with his academics and social matters. However, he suffered from multi-phobias: He was afraid of the dark, thunder, closed room, lift, ghost and strangers. My wife and I sent him to I Am Gifted in his 5th grade with a hope that he could conquer all the phobias.

Through the I Am Gifted programme, He managed to beat all the phobias one by one, so he finally could sleep alone in his bedroom with the light switched-off even during a rainstorm. He socializes well at school, can communicate with anyone, and has a very high self-confidence. He passed the Gadjah Mada University’s International Undergraduate Program (IUP) test and has officially been registered as a student of the Urban and Regional Planning department, Faculty of Engineering, Gadjah Mada University.”

Didin Nasirudin

I Am Gifted! Parent of Javeed Homayoon Esphand

“Ameera was one of top students in her class at a national plus private school in Bogor. However, she was very shy, so presenting something in front of her friends in the class felt like a nightmare. My husband and I sent her to join I Am Gifted in her 5th grade with a hope that she would be able to build her self confidence and succeed beyond the academic front.

After joined I Am Gifted programme, she became the show director for the 6th grade graduation event in her school. She also achieved an averaged national exam score of 8.9, so she could be accepted at any favorite school in Bogor. However, she chose to study at a Cambridge-standard junior high school in Bogor and completed senior high school at a Singapore Government’s secondary school. She is now a competent and highly confident worker in the private sector.”

Yussiana Ermawati

I Am Gifted! Parent of Ameera Mufeeda Ramadhanti

“Sebelum saya mengikuti I Am Gifted Camp banyak pelajaran susah sekali untuk dimengerti. Dengan minimnya waktu belajar dan banyak sekali ulangan, saya selalu kesusahan dalam hal pelajaran. Namun setelah saya ikut I Am Gifted Camp, saya jadi bisa mengatur waktu dalam kesibukan sehari-hari dan belajar secara efektif. Di Camp ini juga saya mendapat motivasi yang baik dan percaya diri. Saya sangat merekomendasikan untuk mengikuti camp ini”

Yustisia Krisnawulandari Putri

I Am Gifted! Graduate

“The I Am Gifted camp was outstanding and out of my expectations. I’ve learned several aspects such as; the importance of life itself, nifty studying techniques and to always focus on your targets. I’ve started applying these aspects in my current life by valuing life more often, strengthening my teamwork, improving myself such as my confidence and to always strive to be the top!”

Juvi Jeconia

I Am Gifted! Graduate
“Sebelum mengikuti I Am Gifted camp, Yustisia sangat sulit dalam memahami pelajaran sekolah dan sulit dalam pergaulan dgn teman2nya, setelah mengikuti camp banyak perubahan yg terjadi dia lebih termotivasi, dapat mengatur waktunya secara efektif dan semakin percaya diri, camp ini sangat membantu sekali merubah minsetnya menjadi lebih positif dan strategi belajar yg lebih efisien. Terima kasih telah membantu anak kami sehingga menjadi lebih baik dan lebih siap untuk menghadapi masa yg akan datang”

Prima Damayanti

I Am Gifted! Parent of Yustisia Wulandari Putri