EMPOWERING Youth For 21st Century

Developing the P21 skills are essentials to be adequately prepared for college.

As well as to successfully participate in the global economy.

580.000+ Youth

It takes more than a dream to reach a lifetime of success

JMA L.E.A.P Learning Framework

Emotional Intelligence

Understanding our youth. Sharing to our parents. Growing our teachers. Caring for the people.


We area leaders in out industry & in our communities. We empower each other to achieve growth and celebrate success.

Jump - Extra Miles to Do More & Take Action

We make special effort to achieve your goals. Going the extra mile is a vital ingredients that lifts your mood, allowing hopefulness to rule.

Agile & Digital Savvy

Our technique to always integrate digital literacy in our program activities. So you are agile ready for the future.

Positive Psychology

Focus on positive events. Focus on traits & states. Focus on positive wellbeing. Building your self esteem to grow your potential.

JMA S.A.F.E Teaching Framework

We make complex ideas SIMPLE for you to absorb.
We make Learning APPLICABLE in your school.
We believe in FUN LEARNING so you will enjoy the process.
We EMPOWER you to take ACTIONS.

IDEA MAPPING Academic Excellence

Knowing you’r learning style and how to use it is a great advantage for any student.

Learning how you learn best will make your study time more effective and productive.

Discover your unique learning style, whether you learn best by seeing, hearing or doing.

1. Unlock Your Unique Learning Method

Understand your distinctive learning method for academic success. Optimize your study sessions to be more efficient and productive.

2. Identify Your Learning Style

Discover your individual style: Visual, Auditory, Read/Write, or Kinesthetic. Comprehend the significance of your personal learning approach.

3. Personalized Study Strategies

Utilize this tool to identify your optimal learning method and Tailor-made strategies designed specifically for your unique learning style.

4. Efficient Revision Methods

Techniques suited to your study regimen that accommodate your schedule.

5. Master Active Listening

Glean crucial information and focus on main points with active listening.

6. Boost Your Grades

Learning strategies for boosting your grades; Writing Notes, Reading and Memory