2-Day Workshop to Empowering the Next Generation of Wealthy Individual With Financial Freedom Strategies

For Age 9 – 19 Y.O

Money Academy for Teens was design to empower teenagers to make financial decisions and be financially savvy to have a head start over their peers to work their way to financial freedom.

If you have ever experienced listening to AKYLG’s Trainers, than you know How Expert, Charming & Influencing they are. 

We will share to you all the secrets, practical tips & strategies to become a financial savvy who can managing money with have a right mindset, more saving, have a business knowledge, in-mind with spending and set-up step-by-step towards financial goals 

We Share Our Secret Recipe For Money Management

Secret #1: Understand the Value of Money; Learn how hard work translates into earning money. Understanding its value will help you make wiser spending decisions.

Secret #2: Invest Wisely; Start learning about different investment options and consider investing a portion of your savings to grow your wealth over time.

Secret #3: Start Saving Early; Even a small amount saved can add up over time. It’s never too early to start saving for your future.


A. Fixed VS Growth Money Mindset

Fixed Mindset is where individuals believe their financial capabilities are fixed and cannot be changed; Growth Mindset is where individual can improve and changed our financial capabilities through learning and effort. 

Spending priorities play a crucial role in managing money wisely. It involves identifying what is necessary and important, and then allocating money accordingly.

Developing effective saving techniques can help build a substantial emergency fund or savings for future needs. 

Investing is key aspect of growing wealth. Understanding basic investment principles and strategies can make smart choices that can lead to significant financial returns over time.

B. Securing Saving to Gain

When you save money, you build a safety net for emergencies and unexpected expenses. Saving is not just about store your leftover money; it’s a conscious effort that contributes significantly to your financial stability.

Atomic habits are the building blocks of success. These are small, daily practices create a compounding effect leading to significant outcomes. similarly, your financial stability won’t be built overnight.

The road to financial independence is not always going to be smooth. But remember, perseverance equals success. It’s not just about the money, but the discipline and resilience you’re building along the way.



C. Financial Goal Path

Let’s break down your big dreams into manageable, bite-sized savings goals. We’re here to guide you at every step of the journey, providing useful tips and tools to make saving fun!

Visualize your progress with our My Star Poster. Every time you add to your savings, stick a star on your poster. Watch as your galaxy of stars grows – each one a step closer to your goal. 

Goal Setting (USF) program will help you define and prioritize your objectives. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what your goals are yet – we’ll help you figure it out and create a plan that suits you.


D. Rich Mentallity

The journey to achieving these dreams starts with small steps. Start by setting financial goals, no matter how small they may be. Want that new video game? Start saving! 

There’s no secret formula to becoming rich. But there’s one equation that always works: Hard Work = Rich. The harder you work now, the richer you’ll be in the future.

Our beliefs shape our actions. Believe that you can be financially independent and successful, and you’re halfway there. Set positive financial beliefs. Believe in your ability to make smart money decisions, and in your power to achieve your financial goals.


FOR AGE 9 – 19 Y.O



Jalan Maju Akademi helping the youth stay up-to-date with modern skills and knowledge is not just a commitment; it is a passion. We believe that the future success of us is not only in academic yet in our individual characters. 

Growing your life values for a your journey is a must. Our dedicated team of instructors are here to prove that the best form of learning should not be boring and demotivating for the student.